Second Hand Cutie

Posted on by Sanchez, Saturday, January 3, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Heidi

I was so excited about the start of my day, a hot new issue of Plumpers was coming out and Marko had agreed to take me to go pick it up. Usually theres no line to wait in for picking up the magazine but to our suprise they were completely sold out so instead Marko bought me some bootleg mag named (bigggirlz) and of course some issues of (twink) and (squirt) for Albert. Marko and I had an old friend Jake go out with us to prowl but instead of cruising the streets and wasting gas we decided to go straight to one of those clothing donations stores that Albert knew about but I think Marko shops there sometimes cause dude dresses like a bum. Anyway I sent Marko in to case the joint and see if there was anything good going on inside the store a little while later he comes out and tells me that there were lots of cute guys he would date, but only one girl under 70 in the store worth talking to so we waited and waited and waited some more until finally the girl he was talking about came walking out having just purchased some second hand clothing. So after talking to her a bit I discovered she was very interested in making some extra money in her hopes to someday have enough money to go shopping in a real mall someday. This movie was a blast to film and not something that should be missed by a VIVALABUS fan. Your friend D. Sanchez peace,love and anal
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