Sexy Ass Sadie

Posted on by Sanchez, Sunday, January 18, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Sadie

Sadie is another movie from our Spring Break archive, I personaly think that Sadie has a beautiful face, eyes and a perfect ass and perfect pussy! A pussy so perfect that Danny EL MACHETE wanted to go down on it after only knowning her for 30 minutes! I guess anybody would have done the same if they like std's... During Spring Break many young boys and girls leave college and drive down to Miami to chill, drink and get some sun but the thing is most of them have no idea where they are.... Making it a prime time for me and my friends to drive around and meet new girls and thats how our little adventure had begun. While driving around we had noticed a cute young girl sitting all by her self on a wall right near the beach which seemed odd but when we tried to hollar at her to get her attention she just wasn't having it and turned around. Making it impossible to keep flirting with her to her, so to get over to where she was sitting we had to drive up over a curb, on some grass and cut across a packed parking lot while running over a few small kids and old people to get to her, but once we were there I hung my nubs out the window and flashed her a hundred dollar bill for some information. But while conversating she told me that early that morning her friends had left their hotel before her, and she had hopped in a cab and was going to meet up with them later down on Southbeach to chill drink and party it up down on the beach but what Sadie didn't know was that most taxi drivers here in FL. dont speak very clear little or no english and the driver ended up dropping her off way further north of where she wanted to be. So she did make it to a beach just not the right one, so we asked her if she wanted to catch a ride with us chill, talk and make a little cash then afterwards we could take her to the right beach and she could tell all her friends about the really cool sexy dude named Sanchez and his stupid friend Ugly went out of their ways to help her out and make her vacation one that she will never forget !!!!! VIVA LA BUS
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