A Family Field Trip

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Tiffany

This was a special day and one of many to come for VIVALABUS.COM I decided to take my crew out for a family field trip and prowl the beach for college girls looking to do something crazy for a little extra drinking money. And what we ended up with was not what we expected. The problem with shooting porno in our day and age is that you never know what girl has already done something in front of a camera! And believe me there's a lot of them! I can only imagine the number of grandkids that will be finding images of their grandmothers back in the day taking cocks every which way and thats just really fucking disturbing! But at the same time kind of a turn on :) No? Anywaz I sent my two niggas JT AKA (Tranny Lover) and JMAC to go find a girl that would be willing to get paid to hang out with us. But when you send out two studs to go find a girl they end up finding the easiest, which in this case happened to be TIFFANY a bitch that had already won some kind of award for having the most cocks stuffed in her mouth at the same time for some dude on CAMERA!!! So sadly in this EP there will be no story no banter no surprise except for the ending. (PS. I'm really starting to think Alberts Gay! He was the only dude who didn't fuck this HO biotch) Keepin It DIRTY SANCHEZ
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