Sancho's Hina

Posted on by Sanchez, Friday, January 2, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Nina

All the people that know me know that I love me some sexy Mexican sluts. There are so many different kinds of Latina bitches but by far next to Cuban I love Mexicans, In my studies I have found that Mexican bitch's almost always have nice toasty brown fat nips and a sex drive that could rival any hobag in the porn industry. In this video me and my fellow nignogs came across this sexymexi named Nina she was fine as fuck and working out near a baseball diamond trying to slim down for the upcoming summer so she could squeeze her big ol fat tits into a bathing suite. After meeting her I took an instant liking of her personality. She seemed to be the kind of girl that you could have alot of fun with and man was I right we had a whole hell of alot of fun slapping up her titties and fucking her face until she was begging to get her fat pussy pounded into taco meat. Enjoy the flic it's really long but funny as shit with a killer sex scene, Marco wanted to cut it down but I said hell no! cause the whole movie flows better than cum being shot up Ugly's butt! D.sanchez peace, love, and anal
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