Don't tell daddy

Posted on by Sanchez, Friday, January 2, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Zeta

Because vivlalbus.com is our only website as of right now when we have the chance to shoot a beautiful women such as zeta I refuse to miss the opportunity to do so. The story begins with my friend JMac who is always out on the town in Miami trying to sex up every single girl he sees. He ended up running into a chick named Zeta and when she found out what he does for a living she told him that she would be interested in making a porno, I guess she had grown up in a very strict religious family and her father was a minister or something. So the following day Marko, JMac and I headed out to go pick up Zeta on a nearby beach, when I saw her I couldn't believe that this chick was serious about getting paid to shoot a porno! She is super pretty, thick, has a fat ass and some fat tities to boot. So while shooting I had noticed that Zeta seemed to keep coming on to me (happens all the time) but being the true solider that I am biz always comes before pleasure and I stay very true to that statement so like a duck I watched Jmac just pound the piss out of Zeta's pussy and I sat there just doing what I always do filming it ... After they were done I was thinking that I was going to try to get some on the side but then this fucking monkey(JMAC) tries to hook up with her even after he had just cum all over her. So I decided to change up the drop off and ask JMac to help us back the van out of a one way street and when the moment was right I fucking ditched this nigga! We are still friends but sometimes you gotta put your friends in their place greedy motherfucker ... Thanks for watching Peace Love and Anal D.Sanchez
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