It's Springbreak Baby

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, December 23, 2008 @ 12AM, featuring: Heather

This video was shot last year during spring break on South Beach. Marko, Danny aka (EL MACHETE) and I went down to the beach to soak up rays and BITCHES! And believe me there was no shortage of them. When we ran into Heather she was at a gas station lost as can be, she was supposed to go meet up with friends at a near by MickyD's but she had no clue where it was, which is normal so she headed towards a nearby gas station by the hotel she was staying in for directions. If you don't live in a vacation state you would have no idea how much this actually does happen during spring break, or any other holiday when tourist's flood into our sunny state of Florida. And you will see the proof of it right after Heather decided to jump in the van no sooner did a car load of chicks pull up to us asking me for directions somewhere else! Just to bad we couldn't fit everybody in the van...so we took Heather to MickyD's but to her surprise her friends weren't waiting for her there, so she figured why not have an adventure and make a little money at the same time while riding around with us! Heather has some big Ol titties and a nice fat ass that is not to miss. VIVALABU
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