Relationships Suck

Posted on by Sanchez, Friday, January 23, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Michelle and Sara

Ok let me begin with saying that working in the adult BIZ for 9 years if you are not a SCUMBAG you start to make a lot of friends that work in adult films, and one of these close friends of mine is SARA JAY we have worked together for years and every time she has been on vacation in miami she gives me a call to get together to do stuff like go have lunch, finger each other go out with other peeps in the biz the kinda shit friends normally would do with each other, So one day SARA was chilling in miami and I invited her to go out with Al-b, Jordan, Ugly and myself to go get some famous smoked fish at this little shantytown which means CITY FOR BUMS THAT DONT PAY TAXES out in biscaynebay named Jimbos the joe's hide away story goes that a bunch of squatters bums moved there in the 70's and decided to never leave and the government cant get rid of them so it's turned into kind of a little BUM HEAVEN Im not sure why Ugly hasn't set up residence but it could have something to do with the fact that he cant afford a cardboard box to live in yet... Anyways we set out for a day of smoked fish fun and bums but ended up running into this really sad chick that had been ditched by her alpha aggressive male boyfriend who thought that by leaving his girlfriend in the middle of no where he would teach her a lesson ....tisk tisk bad move the only thing your going to teach a loved one by ditching them in the middle of no where is that you are a fucking tard and not worth their love and that they should take their love and spread it all over any strangers that would come along, give them some real attention and treat them right .. THIS IS A TRUE STORY VIVALABUS
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