Probation From Down Under

Posted on by Sanchez, Wednesday, March 18, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Stacie

Ugly and I have had a pretty rocky relationship, but people say you gotta take the good with the bad, and believe me there has been a whole lot of both. But as true life mates we continue to work together and probably always will. So we brought a buddy of ours named Dallas who is a somewhat new comer in the biz but a good stud and more importantly he knows how to keep his mouth shut when Uggz and I are trying to seal a deal. So Ugly wanted to cruise the business district of northern miami and see if we could score a more professional kinda ho and after a really long time of driving around we did find a woman that people would call a (MILF) not my thing at all but I wasn't the one getting it up so I didn't care. We came across this older woman and started off as we usually do, real cocky until we learned that she was a (PROBATION OFFICER) well an EX probation officer seeing as how she had just been let go from her job for fooling around with one of her parolees. This pick up was not easy and took along time so we cut down the entire intro "alot" but theres still a very good movie here waiting to be seen and you can see some of my NEW BODY ARTWORK I've been working on so try not to laugh!! It's a work in progress Yours D.sanchez VIVALABUS
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