The gimp and the retard

Posted on by Sanchez, Wednesday, April 15, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Veronica

You may remember Veronica from her hungnhuge.com episode. If not, check it out. She gets destroyed. This vivalabus episode is a completely different adventure. The dynamic duo started the day with two simple missions, drink a Shirley temple and refill ugly's meds. You don't want to see ugz off his meds. Actually, you won't see him because he will be cracked out in an alley. Either way, the missions were distracted by a call from dommy b. Turns out jmac ditched him at a club. I don't blame him, but we picked his chunky ass up anyways. Anything for a friend. Then while we were waiting for ugly's happy pills, we spotted veronica. She was in bad shape. Fresh out of a car accident, a dumb eighteen year old and injured, so like any sanvanger of the wilderness, ugly set his sights. Veronica needed a ride, ugz needed a nut, and dommy b needed a twinkle. Two out of three ain't bad. Ugz fucks this teen like nothing. He pounded her pussy till she got her well deserved facial. That's right, ugz slammed that young ass. He's twice her age, but he taught her a lot about current topics. The last topic was location, cause we dumped her ass in the middle of no where. She's probably still limping home, but that is our job. To educate America one ho at a time. Enjoy your lesson in the members area, not that I am calling you a ho, bitch
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