Country Girl CornHole

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Liz

Usually the vivalabus crew scopes out the hood or the beach for a girl. This episode, they took it to the other extreme. They went out to the middle of fucking nowhere to find a country girl. Don't worry, they had Jordan's crazy ass with them, so they were safe. They spotted Liz on a dirt road chatting with her friends. Sanchez asked her for assistance in getting back to Miami. He said they were lost. Of course Liz didn't go for it, but then Sanchez offered her and her friends money to get them back to Miami. No problem. So now Liz is riding in the bus and her friends are following in there car. What's the worst that could happen? Well.... It was a long drive, so Sanchez had plenty of time to work his verbal magic. It turned out that Liz is a mother of two, in an unfulfilling marriage. So she's a milf and she's hungry, great. So all it took was the temptation of more money, and the opportunity to fuck around with Jordan, for her to turn her back on her wholesome country ideals. It must have been exciting for her. She was showing her ass and tits to three strangers while Jordan finger banged her, and don't forget that her friends were following right behind them. Jordan introduced her to a whole new world of sex. One that's dark, extreme, has crazy eyes, where you can here Ugly's dumb ass blurt out bad jokes, and where Sanchez taunts you into taking it further. Jordan straight up throat fucked this girl. She took at least 8 of his 9 inches down her gullet. Then he pounded her pussy like it owed him money. She was down for more, so she agreed to to take Jordan's nine inch cock up her ass. She actually volunteered for anal annihilation, which is Jordan's chef special, so... I'd rather not get into details about the rectal pounding this young woman took. It would be better if you saw it for yourself. You get a little taste in the trailer, but believe me, that's just a tiny taste. This episode gets pretty intense. Enter at your own risk.
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