Interview With a Tranny

Posted on by Sanchez, Wednesday, June 3, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Jazmine

This week we bring you a strange one. It includes a hot Indian girl, taint punching, ball flicking, cock slapping, dick strangling, hot sex, deep oral a prostitution, and a tranny that can suck his own penis. That's right. JT showed up. Ya know, Rainbow, Curve, Zombie Dance, Gay-t...etc Anyways, The Indian Girl I mentioned is Jazmin Star. The guys picked her up to interview her for a job. She took to Gay-t pretty quick, as most fag hags do. Something about hanging out with a tranny while getting a lot of attention, after being promised money, really opens a women up. Jazmin had no problem with showing off her nice dark pussy and her tits. In all of the excitement, I'm sure she was begging for a reason the fuck. Of course JT is always ready for cheap sex, and he pounded her fine ass until he gave her a gooey facial. You'll definitely want to check this episode out. I'm not gonna give away the ending, but you know how we do. Check it out.
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