Bella gets what she wants

Posted on by Sanchez, Thursday, June 18, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Bella

This week we bring you bella, another hot latina. The viva crew spyed her leaving an adult store. Well, so did her boyfriend. He seemed pretty mad, so they got to witness the drama. Once the angry boyfriend left, sanchez called her over, offering help. Turns out that she bought a dildo and that's what upset her jealous boyfriend. Anyways, the crew had just befriended a dildo carrying hottie in need of a friend and a ride, so everything else kinda fell in place. Enzo gave her the big dick she was craving. She looked like she was savoring her favorite meal when she sucked his big cock. Then she got her pussy pounded while she threw her round ass about. If you don't know, enzo is known for his cum shots, and this facial is no exception. He glazed her with the power of a five man bukake. And then she got ditch. Check out the movie, it's a pretty good one.
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