The Other Half

Posted on by Sanchez, Wednesday, August 19, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Channel

This week we bring you Channel, another example of parents naming kids after things they can't afford. The crew could not have got her without the help of Barbie, though. I'll start at the beginning... Ugly, with all of his faults, finally came through by introducing the crew to Barbie. Barbie is a busty stripper that blurts out anything that pops in her head. Yes, that can be annoying, but it also creates the carefree fun environment that girls respond to. The girl: Channel. The crew, actually Barbie, spotted her walking down the hot streets of Miami. As usual, the offer of air conditioning, a ride, exciting people, and money was too much for her to resist. Channel is a hot Cuban Latina with a tight body and beautiful eyes, but she doesn't speak a lot of English. The crew actually drove her home. Wait till you see the place. Sanchez went in with a camera. The offer of more money got her back in the van and the real adventure began. This is a good episode, guys. Channel get fucked by Levi Cash, don't worry, he kept the gaping to a minimum. We also have Barbie striping and flash most of the movie, and of course there's all of the funny jokes and water fights. You don't want to miss this one. Oh, and Channel did get paid, just not what she was expecting. You'll see...
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