Attention Whore

Posted on by Sanchez, Friday, September 25, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Ginger

Dommy B some how found a way to get locked up. I'd go further into detail, but I hate typing. The whole story is in the video. Anyways, Sanchez, Seth, and Chris had to go pick him up. After eating weak sandwiches while locked up, Dommy wanted to get some pizza. That's how they met Ginger. Dommy went in to get the food and actually managed to pick up Ginger. Sanchez offered her a day of fun and excitement, and being the adventurous cutie that she is, she accepted. Ginger has a tight athletic body, a pretty face, and is a self proclaimed attention whore. Well, everyone knows that women respond to two forms of currency, money and positive attention, so this one was in the bag. After warming her up with compliment, jokes, and attention, Ginger was willing to do anything to keep it going, and she did. Chris whipped out his dick and she went straight into action. She showed off by deep throating all of the Puerto Rican's dick, and fucking him as hard as she could with her fat pussy. She has small tits, but what she lacks in boobs, she made up for in energy and enthusiasm. She even took a big facial with a smile. She was a good sport, so they ended up ditching the true bitch of the bunch. Was it Dommy since he was fresh out of jail? Was it Seth because he's new to the crew and has a thing for small woodland creatures? Was it Chris because he pretends he's a tiny Puerto Rican pimp? You'll have to watch the movie to find out. Take her sleazy, sailor pants.
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