Cash For Clunkers

Posted on by Sanchez, Friday, October 2, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Tara

The crew met Tara at a tattoo shop. She was a about to get a big ugly tattoo on her leg, but she only had enough money to cover the outline. Sanchez, being the generous person that he is, offered to pay for the rest if she took a ride with him. Well, thankfully she went for it. Tara is a skinny white girl with nice pierced tits and a great ass. She was very open to having fun and flashing, and as they say, "one thing lead to another". Chris got to bang the fuck out of her tight pussy, and then Dommy fucked her, and then Seth.... Actually, we don't know if Seth fucked her because he took off with the fucking van (he pulled an Ugly). Luckily, he didn't take off with the footage. Enjoy.
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