The hopeless hippie

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, November 3, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Suzanne

Okay, I'm not sure how to describe this episode. I mean, the story is easy to follow, but the girl was insane. We met her at a garage sale. It didn't take long before she was annoyed with us, but of course Sanchez started talking money and everything smoothed over. She even agreed to ride with us for some quick cash. Her name is Suzanne and she is beautiful. Long legs, skinny, dark, raven hair, cute face... Those are her good traits. The bad part was that she's a mal-nourished ditzy hippie that couldn't keep up or stay on point during basic conversation. She did admit to cheating on her partner, ya know, free love and all that, so it wasn't hard for Sanchez to get her in the back of the van with Command-ho. It was just hard was just hard to get to that point in the conversation. The girls mind was off dancing naked at Woodstock, or some shit. She turned out to be a sexual freak, she blurted out some pretty crazy shit while chris was fucking her. She also deep throated and gagged her self. Sanchez got his revenge for all of the frustration though. You'll have to watch the movie or trailer to see what I'm talking about. Enjoy, cheese dick.
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