Half hippie half cummy actress

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, December 1, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Amanda

Seth moved to the new neighborhood and kindly invited us to come and see his new place. To be honest it took us a while to find the place cause there is no such thing exist on map and no gps can navigate you there. Thats how awesome this is. So by the time we got there Seth was pretty upset, he even looked like he lost some weight waiting for us. Couple minutes later after John went to take a dump in the bushes we were about to leave to get something to eat and then all of a sudden this chick showed up with a bag full of dirty cloth. At first I thought that she was going to ask us to take her to some laundromat or whatever but believe it or not she was actually selling this crap. Her name was Amanda and she was a local hoo... dunno if I should say that. Anyway I offered her $40 for her undies that she is wearing right now and she didn't think twice about selling them. It wasn't hard either to convince her to come with us. From her interview I've learned that she is half hippie half communist actress who is dying to buy a "poop" throwing spider monkey from a zoo. Great addition to our "girls gone weird" collection. Anyway she also mentioned that she makes money by screwing people (selling them junky clothing I guess). Turned out that she literally meant it and 20 minutes later after finishing her Cuban croissant she've found herself jumping on top of John's metal construction. He nailed that trailer park pussy well and became a #1062 in her screwing list. Did I mention how great her tits are? I loved them... Anyway fuck the lyrics here is comes the melody. Yeah, sorry for the one week delay... I twisted my ankle last week... Yeah I know you not buying this shit, but for real, I had some personal thing (I think Dommy is seeing someone else).
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