Retard ramp

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, December 8, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Katie

We got a full bus for u guys this week. I was at the clinic with Barbie getting treated for my um uh.... never mind... Any ways i called Sanchez to pick us up and he came along with Dommy, John and someone else, just cant remember who the fuck right now. We're bullshitting outside when this cute redhead (Katie) rolls up to Sanchez in a wheelchair. Amongst the chaos and retard talk we decide to give her a ride home (or so she thought). Katie may have been a little gimpy but that didn't stop her from getting down and dirty; she was truly a team player as she showed us her tight little pink pussy. John fucked the shit out of this 19 year old, crippled, cutie. Katie was definately having a great time hanging out but like all great things this must come to an end. This ending is hilarious and an instant classic. Sorry Katie it was fun while it lasted.
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