Bums need love 2

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 @ 12AM, featuring: Alexis

We've officially hit rock bottom. Meet our newest male talent, Brandon or Brannon; some shit like that, a local homeless alcoholic. (thanks dommy!) Well thanks to Sanchez we have Alexis; a true American beauty with eyes to die for and body to match. Alexis got intouch with Sanchez to do her first scene but imagine her surprise when they pull up in a fucked up ass van, a bum inside acompanied by his stank ass pet dog. Needless to say Alexis was a true professional cause she sucked and fucked our new homeless friend like it was going out of style. Rolling Stone says "one of the funniest busses ever", Time magazine says "very clever a must watch", Sical and Ebert give it two thumbs way up.... Lmfao!!!
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