The Asian invasion

Posted on by Sanchez, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 @ 12AM, featuring: Tina

The gang is out driving around in old typical vivalabus fashion. We brought our old friend Alex Gonz along this time. So we're having our usual intellectual conversations, (anal, big nose, drugs, gangbang, hpv, faggets, and did i mention anal?) All weed head Gonz can talk about is him being hungry. We take him to a Chinese spot and even though he didn't get anything to eat because he says the place was gross we did meet Tina, the daughter of the restaurant owner. Tina was super cute, super cool, super Asian, and our favorite super fucking gullible. She seemed to like us and had no problem ditching work to come hang with us. She seemed to have a high interest in Alex and had no problem giving us a free show. ( By the way Asian pussy is not side ways.) Tina has a tight little body equipped with perky titties and a round little booty. She was an x cheer leader so we ditched her while she showed off some cartwheels. Almost a shame to do that to this one, but hey shit happens.....
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