Here is your reward, bitch

Posted on by Sanchez, Wednesday, February 17, 2010 @ 12AM, featuring: Sara

The other day me, Dommy, Seth, Ralph and his boyfriend were going to my place to play a new game I recently bought. My fucking throat was bothering me lately so I decided to stop by at the pharmacy to buy some medicine. My dog Max was with us that day so when I left I asked those retards to watch the dog. And of course it was very stupid of me to delegate such difficult task to those idiots. They lost a fucking dog. Good thing that he didn't ran away cuz apparently some nice looking chick named Sara found him. It was very nice of her to give me back my dog, what was not so nice is that she wanted a 100 bucks reward for that. A dog was missing for 5 minutes. Whatever. It happen that none of us had enough cash so we had to take her with us to go to the ATM. On a way there we've learned lots of interesting fact about this girl such as her loving fucking her boy friend in the ass, eating stinky pussy. After hearing all that I asked if she is interested in making more money today and she was all for it. 50 more bucks and we got some flash for cash going on in the van. Later she showed us that she is made of and so on. After Ralph fucked her mouth and pussy and nutted all over her pretty face I asked Cory (Ralph's boyfriend/Cousin cover up) if he wants to have a piece of Sara's pussy. He agreed and we left him alone. 2 seconds later he got of the van asking if any of us have condoms... that was a fatal mistake.
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